eTweek Me …

Did you know...

  • E-commerce sites must include specific FTC-required pages?
  • The fewer the number of 'clicks' between your customer and the 'BUY' button, the better chance you have for a sale?
  • There is a good reason for weaving informational pages into your e-commerce site?
  • There are specific ways to make your website look trustworthy and credible to visitors?
  • There are certain 'tricks' to search-engine optimization (SEO) that will get you blacklisted from the major search engines?

Even if you don't know these things, we do

When we eTweek your current static website, we will look for things like the specific pages mentioned above. We will examine your SEO to see how effective it is to your site, and we will evaluate the overall navigation, credibility and ability to sell.

We Won't Waste Your Time

You are looking for ways to improve and enhance your business website and we're here to help you. There is no obligation ever. We will not harass you with marketing emails or telephone calls. You decide if this is the best way for you and your business, then let us know.

A Word About Traffic

The most effective e-commerce site (or any website, for that matter) is continually updated and tweaked. Changes, optimization, backlinks and more all help to drive traffic to your e-commerce site. But this takes time and effort. This is why the personal touch is much more effective than any off-site programmer could ever be.

As business owner, you have the vision and drive to make your e-store a success. Given the opportunity, you could pour more TLC into  your website than any third party designer or programmer.

This is why we offer extensive training resources to all of our small business web customers - so you can finally take and keep control of your image, sales and communication within your customer base.

So get in touch with us and just say 'eTweek Me!

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