Shopping Carts

When you think of a shopping cart, of course you think about that wheeled basket that holds your groceries. When you have an e-commerce website, a shopping cart is so much more.

An online shopping cart is actually a piece of software. You push your cart through a 'cyber store' and when you see something you want to buy, you put it in your cart by clicking on it. Any time along the way, you can take an item out of your cart.

When you are ready to leave, you 'check out' of the store. This is where the shopping cart totals up your purchases and adds the sales tax and shipping for you. Then you fill in your name, address, phone and shipping info along with your credit card and expiration date.

With an online shopping cart, the merchant can automate every part of the customer's shopping experience. The shopping cart identifies products, knows which shipping addresses require sales tax and which don't, offers variations such as different colors and sizes, handles customization, such as monograms and can put an item on sale.

A smart shopping cart system can increase sales because it manages the entire shopping process, including upsells, special offers and discounts, coupons and promotions.

In other words, a good shopping cart system is a very important part of the e-commerce experience.

The shopping cart for eTweek customers is all of these and more. It is easy to use, handles multiple product images, has a basic inventory management system with low-stock and e-mail alerts, and it supports selling for both digital and physical products, as well as taking donations.

In addition the eTweek shopping cart gives the merchant the ability to easily highlight new product additions, featured products, bestselling products, sale products and even related products for cross-selling.

As an eTweek member, you have access to tutorials and tours for our easy-to-use shopping cart system so you can take complete advantage of this exceptional software to promote and sell your products and services.