Shipping Calculators

Traditional vs E-commerce Shipping
When you ship an item out of a traditional walk-in store, you package it, address it and weigh it. Then you add the shipping amount to the customer's bill, ship it out, and you're done.

With e-commerce, a customer comes to your website and pays for an item before it is shipped. This means you must have already calculated or determined how the item will be handled before before it is sold, boxed, weighed, addressed or shipped. The shipping calculations that you program into your e-commerce website are called Shipping Rules.

Shipping Calculator
When you ship an item, you will most likely use one of the major shippers: UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Service. These shippers can provide your business with a shipping calculator. All you must do is open an account with the shipper of your choice, and then we can install their shipping calculator on your e-commerce website.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Because everything must be automated on your site, you will need to make some decisions about shipping before your e-commerce site is launched. For example...

  • will you ship by weight?
  • will you offer a flat rate for shipping?
  • will you offer free shipping?
  • will you ship outside of the continental USA?
  • will you offer 2nd day or overnight shipping?

We can help you through these difficult decisions. Informative articles in our Resource Library, along with our expert e-commerce designers will get you on track with your shipping rules.