Our Resource Library

When you get started on your new e-commerce website at eTweek, you have access to our huge Resource Library, housed at our online Resource and Training Center.

Articles, Tutorials and Videos
In our Resource Library you will find a wealth of information about, tweaking, maintaining and optimizing your e-commerce website, everything from SEO and Programming to Link-Building and Blogging. There are videos and articles to escort you around the builder side of the storefront so that you will know how to insert products, photos, text and attractive formatting.

Dozens of articles contain easy-to-understand information about optimizing your e-commerce website, marketing your products, and give you invaluable links to online resources to help your site become popular.

High Quality, Low Price
We want to make it possible for each small business owner to manage his or her own e-commerce website without the frustration of having to rely on a third party for posting updates. Why wait long days or weeks to make even a small change and pay the minimum fee that is charged for such changes when you can do it yourself in seconds? Our clients can have as much management capability as they want and need, and if they need help, we are here to fix the problems and customize where needed.

In order to make this affordable and keep costs down, we have carefully chosen specific tools and templates to maintain high standards of functionality and, at the same time, offer our customers a great variety of options and looks. You don't need to know programming language to manage your own e-commerce website. Because we are providing you with the know-how and tools to do it, all it takes is a little investment in time to learn your way around.

We have many themes showcased at our e-commerce website Resource Library. Let us choose the best one for what you need. Each theme has been carefully selected to complement a specific type of business while maintaining high standards in functionality and versatility. This allows us to keep our prices low while giving you a dynamite site!

What makes it possible to keep prices low? Each theme is compatible with our shopping cart system and each is easily customized for uniqueness. Every storefront has a live demo so you can see how it looks and feels from the outside to the inside and play with the buttons and navigation. Let us know if you see one that really catches your eye.

Here are some other features that help us keep costs low:

  • Our shopping cart is easily integrated with our content management system and can handle in excess of 1,000 products - actually we have not found the upper limit yet.
  • The merchant payment system we recommend is secure, popular, and has no monthly charge.

Whether you sell products or services, whether you want to display merchandise or artwork, whether you are traditional or contemporary, you will find something that suits you.

Get started on your own dynamic e-commerce website today so you can have access to our information-packed Resource Library.