E-Commerce is…

E-commerce is more than just a website. Much more.
At eTweek, we know that it is not just about being able to design a beautiful website. That's the easy part, and with our years of experience in design, web technology and graphics, we'll get you up and running in a short amount of time.

FTC Compliance
With e-commerce, you must also make your website FTC compliant. We know the rules and we will make all the necessary entries to your site to make you absolutely compliant with FTC regulations. Then we will keep you updated with any new requirements.

Costs vs Sales
With e-commerce, you can't let costs get ahead of sales. Unfortunately, nothing is free. Necessities such as shopping carts, payment systems, back-ups and data storage all have a cost involved. To assist small business, we have found the absolutely most dependable and economical merchant services at every level to keep your recurring costs to a minimum.

Ultimate Control
E-commerce, like a walk-in store, depends on strategic product placement and getting the information in front of the consumer in order to sell, sell, sell. We have put control into your hands to accomplish your sales strategies. You can:
• run sales promotions
• run shipping promotions
• change prices and descriptions
• add new products and delete discontinued ones

… and much more, all without having to work through a third party, and thus eliminating the hourly fees and minimums that are normally charged to make even small changes.

Bottom Line

As a matter of fact, you can experiment with sales, colors, fonts, images and other parameters to see what works best for you. Our goal is to give you an e-commerce site that is attractive, credible and functional so that you can get on with what you need to do - get your products and services out to the web community and buying public.